About Me

Content That Fits Your SEO Optimization Needs

You need a content writer whose gifts for the subtleties of language reflect your brand, while still optimizing your search engine rankings. I will quickly and meticulously create content that clearly articulates your message, whether it’s a one-line caption, a 500-word article, or a 100,000 word report.

I can shift instantaneously to produce formal, conversational, comical, emotional, and/or story- and demographically-driven SEO content. Whatever your needs for what is written: I am your skilled, fast, committed chameleon.

Copyediting that Elevates Your Content

I will reshape subpar, adequate, and even good copy into a sharper representation of your message. I will edit all copy with a passionate and accurate eagle-eye, turning out an impeccable final product.

Fast Content Writing is Best when the Best is Done Fast

The turn-around time for your articles will usually be the same week. (For larger orders, we will agree on a timely schedule of delivery.) Copy editing and original content are done efficiently and meticulously, so you save on hourly rates; and if paying my flat rate or discounted multi-article rate, you will quickly get your money’s worth, in satisfaction and value.

Background Crossing Decades and Disciplines

I hold a Bachelors of Arts degree from Creighton University. I have worked as a freelance writer and copy editor for more than 15 years, creating content for websites, newspapers, magazines, and blogs, including national publications. I am also a published novelist (writing as J.R. Schumaker).

My writing experience spans decades and crosses a multitude of disciplines, including business and nonprofits, humanities, and science. My life experience as a consumer, writer, mother, advocate, organizer, volunteer, and author gives me a wide framework from which to paint the picture you want, and a deep and diverse pool from which to connect your services to your potential clients and customers.

I have covered subject matter related to history, the humanities, hobbies, and wellness; also current events, opinion, spirituality, and politics. I write in a wide spectrum of styles, including commercial, promotional/sales, creative, academic, inspirational, instructional, pr/marketing, and legal, among others.