Couples Counseling

Scottsdale Counseling: Marriage Counseling with a Focus on Communication and Healing

Dr. Crow utilizes the highly effective approach of  Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT. This form of treatment is usually short-term and helps reveal life patterns that relate to the formation of emotional attachments. With this work, the spouses uncover blocks to emotional bonding, leading to deeper self-acceptance, security, and mutual trust.

Marriage Counseling for Men and Couples’ Communication Counseling:  Rebuild and Restore Your Relationship

Along with EFT, therapy with Dr. Crow focuses on communication techniques and marriage counseling for men, as well as the healthy development of couples’ communication. His methods lead to rebuilt marriages through real healing from the pain of:

  • Dishonesty
  • Hidden behaviors
  • Infidelity
  • Serious illness
  • Loss of a child

Couples’ Communication Counseling

Communication is at the heart of couples’ counseling with Dr. Crow.  In a safe and couple-centered environment, spouses will be guided into new areas of personal and relational discovery. Pre-marriage or marriage counseling teaches new ways to communicate, and helps each partner discover new areas of healing that then blossom into revitalization of their relationship. And while the therapies are reaching the real roots of the difficulties, support and survival tools are offered all along the way so that each partner can heal from feelings of separation, disappointment, or betrayal.

An Important Message on Marriage Counseling for Men

To the men seeking healing: you do not have to face difficult personal and relationship issues on your own. Your experiences, while yours alone, are similar to those of many men who find themselves struggling with communication, emotional expression, and/or infidelity. You will be expertly, compassionately supported by group and individual therapies that allow you to heal from harmful impulses and uncover the underlying reasons for your pain and the behaviors stemming from it.

Within a shame-free counseling environment, Dr. Crow provides you with compassionate, respectful support. With his guidance, you will learn to overcome issues that stop you from thriving and experiencing a satisfying marriage. Marriage counseling for men is the right thing to do, for yourself and your spouse. With group and one-on-one counseling, along with couples’ counseling, even the most painful threats to your happiness in marriage are dealt with, leaving you open to break new internal ground and make the real changes you want in your life and in your relationship.