Expertly Crafted Content

Articles for Search Engines (Pricing Below)

Search engines look for context, not just keywords. Your content will rank higher if it is well-written and gives the search engines enough to be certain of your topic. For that, usually a minimum of 300 words is a good idea.

Most articles will contain 300-500 words of relevant content, as recommended by Google analytics, and will rank on one or two “themes,” and six or seven search terms that we define together.

Each of your articles can have different themes and terms. I will also write a meta-heading for the article to define how it appears on Google.

I will offer suggestions or follow your guidance in writing for a hyperlink or links from one or more of your existing pages, or in creating a new page.

General Pricing



I can usually create an excellent 300-word article in an hour or less. If I’m writing more than one for you, my familiarity with your subject matter will bring down the amount of time per article.

If I’m refreshing your content, I charge hourly, only. I can expertly refresh a 300-500 word page or post in about a half hour. And often I will move from one content area to the next, so per-piece does work well.



300 word articles:

  • 6 for $300
  • 4 for $220
  • Single articles for $60

400-500 word articles:

  • 6 for $380
  • 4 for $250
  • Single $70

Structure and Software

I can either work in WordPress, using several plug-ins to determine the SEO ranking; or, if you use another optimization system, you are free to insert the meta information in your own way. I can provide suggestions and comments. Either way, I will write the article that optimizes the content you need, according to the most recent and sophisticated analytics.

I can structure your article(s) in many ways and with any tone, such as sales, informational, inspirational, press release, and many more, to be used in any way you choose. Some articles are very successful as newsletter or email content, and can be structured to encourage your customers to click on a link and finish the article on the website.