Residential Treatment Centers

Innovative Residential Treatment Centers in Southern California

Inpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment

Our clients have an unparalleled opportunity for recovery from addiction through our unique detoxification and treatment approaches. The innovative, powerful programs offered through our inpatient treatment center are not designed simply for recovery from addiction, but for discovery of the true self: the creative designer of the life each client desires.

How does the addiction treatment process at Compass Recovery work?

  • Clients are immersed in a spacious and uplifting environment, away from the daily surroundings in which they experienced their addiction.
  • There is a 24-hour initial detoxification period, during which clients receive round-the-clock intervention in a safe and peaceful setting.
  • With the help of our caring team, clients learn through different modalities to free themselves from the compulsions that have kept them from their true passions, their true purpose, their true selves. 

The Difference: Harmonious Residential Addiction Treatment in Southern California

Once they are physically ready, clients spend each fully -scheduled day in our harmonious, home-like facility immersed in multi-modal, holistic treatments, lessons, and activities. Within this cocoon of safety, activity, and focus, they find the calmness and centering necessary to uncover the underlying issues that have blocked their true way of living, the way from which addiction has repeatedly steered them. With gradual re-introduction into the magnificent Southern California environs, they see themselves as healthy and vital participants in the world. 

Compass Recovery’s Unique Approach to Addiction Treatment: Finding Your Purpose

An expert team and an ideal setting in beautiful southern California offer a unique environment to bring the most powerful healing elements together. It cannot be emphasized enough: the success of our approach lies in the shepherding of our clients in unearthing their purpose for living. And when they know their purpose, they develop a deep desire to move on a path that serves it. With this, clients learn to break the cycle of addiction and renew their lives.  Exploring creativity and utilizing the proven healing properties of movement, we assist each client in solidifying a vision for their passion in life. Then, their newfound or newly rediscovered purpose begins to eclipse the destructive substitutes that kept them from true satisfaction in life. They begin to truly live again.