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Why SEO Articles?

Why should you have SEO articles on your website?

Content that’s framed for search engine optimization (SEO) is more likely to be found by search engines like Google. Search engines will pick up headings, such as the question in the heading to this paragraph, when users make a query, whether it is exact wording or not. It is likely you landed on this page because you searched for this subject.

What good does SEO content writing do?

Good SEO content answers specific questions potential clients and customers are likely to ask. That makes it attractive for search engines to find and display. When I write your content, I tailor it to the interest, service, or product you offer or represent, while also writing and formatting in a way that search engines, especially Google, look for.

SEO content gets search engines to notice your site.

I write headlines users are likely to search, with succinct answers/responses in the passages that immediately follow. I also suggest related photos that search engines may include in a “featured snippet.” No matter what your content, I frame the articles for the best visibility on the internet. You may notice, for example, that the first sentences in the paragraphs of this article are precise responses to the headings/questions. Then the content that follows expands upon that answer.

Why should you get a professional SEO writer to create your content?

A professional SEO writer keeps up on the ever-changing algorithms search engines use to get results. And consider, for example, that the article you are reading right now has been crafted for accessibility for those who have sight or hearing impairments. That’s just one thing I attend to when I create or update your content.

Can you do your own SEO writing and refreshing?

You can try to do everything yourself if that’s efficient for you. But a professional SEO writer is set up to develop your content without the distractions of running the rest of your endeavor. And because I am also a fiction author (writing as J.R. Schumaker), I have an advantage over other SEO creators in capturing your unique voice. You are not a clone. You don’t want to sound like everyone else on the internet.

Is there SEO content you should consider besides articles?

Yes. Everything on your site can be optimized in some way. I can write or rewrite any of your content to include links and headings that will add to your internet presence. And of course, I can write original content other than articles, such as press releases, bios, FAQ’s, instructions, your “story” or “about” page, and blog entries.

Can a Professional SEO writer write blog posts for you?

Yes. Many people find keeping up with their blog posting difficult. I can handle that for you on a continual or as-needed basis. Maybe you just need to get caught up.

I can take a very loosely written set of bullet points you want in your post and craft them into a blog entry that captures your style and is also written for SEO. I can also do light research and fact-checking where necessary, saving you time.

What does it mean to refresh a website or content?

Refreshing website content is an update of your existing content. Refreshing includes revising and framing content for search engine optimization, checking that links are current and optimized, and adding links where appropriate. Refreshing your content is very cost-efficient.

How much should you pay for SEO content?

Rates can range from $40-$100/hour. Articles usually range in cost from $50- $200 each, depending on length. If you have many websites and need a lot of content, you can hire an agency and pay a premium. If you are a medium to small business with one or two sites, an independent writer can serve your needs. Some writers charge by the hour, some per finished piece, offering a discount for purchasing bundles.

Is it better to pay an SEO content writer per article, or by the hour?

The great advantage to paying by the hour is that tweaks and changes you want can be charged in small increments of time and end up costing you just a few dollars more, whereas with per-piece contracts, there is always a caveat as to how many edits and revisions will be included. If you establish a relationship with your writer, you may be comfortable with purchasing bundles and paying per-piece rates. It’s all about knowing what you’re getting.

Hiring Jennifer Schumaker, SEO and Content Writer:

For a consultation, just fill in a quick form, or call or text 760-215-7463 to request a free phone consultation.

Pricing is by the hour or per article/bundle. We will find what fits your needs. Because I’m both an excellent and fast writer and editor, my rate is much more competitive than it first looks (and it is competitive from the start). I build in a few phone calls and other communications at no extra charge with per-piece pricing.  Per hour, I charge for longer phone calls and email, but this is always minimal. I don’t charge for quick calls, texts, or emails.

Here on my site, you can check out samples of actual articles I’ve written for websites. I’ve written for all kinds of businesses, from drywall contractors to BBQs to counseling services.

And please visit my about page to find out more about me and how I can help you.

I look forward to working with you and to helping you reach your largest audience!